What is a Building Certificate (BC)?

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Unauthorised building works often come to Council’s attention during the property exchange process, or when Council receives a complaint by a neighbour or other interested party. Once Council becomes aware of Council would take [...]

What is a Construction Certificate (CC)?

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A construction certificate is an approval that certifies that the proposed building or subdivision work will comply with technical requirements such as the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. The construction certificate also [...]

What is a Development Application (DA)?

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Where your proposal cannot be treated as exempt or complying development, you normally need to lodge a development application with your local Council. Development that needs consent cannot legally be started unless the council grants development [...]

What is an Occupation Certificate (OC)?

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The Occupation Certificate authorises the occupation and use of a new or altered building or, the occupation of “a change in building use” for an existing building. Only the nominated PCA can issue an [...]

What is a compliance certificate?

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Compliance Certificates are certificates that are issued for particular parts of building work. For instance, a Compliance Certificate can be issued by an accredited engineer on footing construction to the effect that the footings [...]

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