A construction certificate is an approval that certifies that the proposed building or subdivision work will comply with technical requirements such as the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. The construction certificate also certifies that any relevant conditions of development consent have been satisfied.

A construction certificate cannot be issued unless;
– The design and construction of the building (as shown in the construction certificate application and plans) is consistent with the development consent
– The proposed building will comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
– The relevant conditions of the development consent have been complied with (i.e. provision of security deposits, payment of monetary contributions, compliance with conditions requiring modifications to the development or compliance with matters to be submitted to the council for assessment and determination); and
– A number of other relevant legislative provisions have been met

Conditions of consent cannot be imposed on a construction certificate. Therefore, plans and specifications must be fully detailed. These plans and specifications must comply with the development consent and they must show compliance with the relevant provisions of the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. A copy of the certificate and associated plans and specifications must be forwarded to council within seven days.