Interior Remodeling:

  • Extensive remodeling of the lounge room area and main bedroom.
  • Focus on creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing living space.

New Covered Outdoor Eating Area:

  • Addition of a covered outdoor eating area to extend the usable living space.
  • Integration of design elements for both comfort and visual appeal.

New Entry Porch:

  • Design and construction of a new entry porch to enhance the cottage’s curb appeal.
  • Consideration of functionality and architectural harmony.

New Covered Carport:

  • Construction of a covered carport for both convenience and protection of vehicles.
  • Integration of the carport design with the overall aesthetic of the property.

Swimming Pool:

  • Inclusion of a swimming pool to elevate the property’s recreational offerings.
  • Attention to safety, landscaping, and seamless integration with the existing structure.

Renovations to Existing Granny Flat:

  • Comprehensive renovations to the existing granny flat for improved functionality.
  • Consideration of modern design elements and efficient use of space.

Extensive Landscaping to Rear and Front Gardens:

  • Transformation of both rear and front gardens through extensive landscaping.
  • Aesthetic enhancements and consideration of sustainable landscaping practices.

Front Portico and Garage/Carport:

  • Design and construction of a front portico for architectural significance.
  • Integration of a garage/carport with the design while maintaining functionality.

Development Cost:

The allocated budget for this renovation project is $272,000.

Transparent cost breakdown and proactive communication regarding any potential deviations are expected.

Project Plans