Office and Deck Area over 5-Car Carport:

  • Design and construction of an office space and deck above a 5-car carport.
  • Emphasis on functionality, aesthetic appeal, and structural integrity.

Renovations to the Interior:

  • Comprehensive renovations to the entry and first-floor areas to enhance spatial flow and visual appeal.
  • Integration of modern design elements while preserving the property’s character.

Renovations to Kitchen and Ground Floor Family Room:

  • Revitalization of the kitchen and ground floor family room for improved functionality.
  • Consideration of ergonomic design and seamless connectivity with other living spaces.

New Rear Covered Verandah:

  • Addition of a rear covered verandah to extend the living space outdoors.
  • Focus on creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor area.

Renovations and Repairs to Pool Cabana:

  • Restoration and enhancements to the pool cabana for an improved recreational space.
  • Attention to structural repairs and aesthetic improvements.

Reconstruction of Rear Workshop and Garage:

  • Comprehensive reconstruction of the rear workshop and garage for improved functionality and visual appeal.
  • Integration of modern design elements and efficient use of space.

Rectification of Damaged Earth Embankment:

  • Addressing and rectifying damage to the earth embankment at the rear of the property.
  • Ensuring structural stability and landscape integrity.

Cost of Works:

  • The allocated budget for these alterations and additions is $265,000.
  • We expect a transparent cost breakdown and open communication regarding any potential deviations.

Project Plans