Government Reveals $688m ‘Home Builder’ Plan

The Australian Government has revealed a $688 Million 'Home Builder" Plan. From the 4th of June to the 31st of December the government will providing  grants for residential renovations. These renovations must be carried out by a builder who has held a building licence for at least 6 months prior to this announcement. BDDS Can help Design and Draft your plans for [...]

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BDDS in Newcastle and the Central Coast

The director and senior staff of ‘Building design & Drafting Services” have had a long Association with Newcastle , Port Stephens The Hunter Region, Central Coast and the lake Macquarie areas With over 30 years’ experience dealing with the local Councils We are currently working on Residential & Commercial  projects  in Newcastle , Hunter Valley and the central coast Areas Feel free [...]

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In the new year, many homemakers will look to refresh their favorite spaces, often starting in the kitchen. In 2018, we saw everything from banquette-style seating to two-toned kitchen cabinetry, and will continue to see innovative new designs prevail in the new year. The full article can be found at

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The shrinking dream: Household diversity and changing house designs

Louise Johnson takes a look inside the Australian home and examines the changing character of the suburban idyll that maintains a hold on our national psyche, as the composition of its domestic spaces continues to evolve in response to the rising density of our major cities and growing ethnic and cultural diversity. The great Australian dream has long had two components – home [...]

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Top Tips For Renovating To Add Value

When renovating your home to add some value, experienced property investors like Patrick Bright suggest aiming for a $2 return for every $1 you spend. Depending on context, this isn't always possible. But if you are strategic with your resources — money, time and effort, getting close isn't out of the question. Here are 10 things to keep in mind as your reno [...]

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When bigger is better: Standout Australian home extensions

A traditional home is nice, but a traditional home with a modern extension is even nicer. As these incredible additions reveal, the extra space and modern comforts that come with a well-designed extension can be positively life-enhancing. It’s little wonder that, given the means and the opportunity, most of us aspire to doing something similar at our own properties. Be inspired by these [...]

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10 tips to keep in mind if you are planning to renovate your home

  If you've just made the jump onto the property ladder and purchased your first home, chances are it might need a bit of work done to it. House prices are on the rise again so the amount of properties that are being bought these days with the intention of doing them up is greater than the amount of new builds being bought. [...]

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